Lake Como Wedding

A wonderful Lake Como Wedding for Thuany and Liana! They were an  absolute dream to work with. They were so laid back, and thinking about their wedding day brings a smile to my face.  A big thanks to them and their family for entrusting me as their wedding planner. This means a lot to me and I am honored to have been afforded the opportunity to play a part in helping to organised this wonderful wedding on Lake Como.

Being the witness of such a memorable day, see the joy on their faces as they spoke, and to feel the excitement as they embarked on a new adventure!

This is love. This is reality. This is authentic beauty.  Enjoy this amazing day captured by Ylenia and Lorenzo!

Thanks for the kind words, I am grateful for the two of you Thuany and Liana. I wish you many YEARS of Happiness!

Organizing a wedding in another country can be daunting enough, but there can be a whole other realm of difficulties when it’s a same sex wedding.

When we found Aurora online, we really appreciated that she specifically stated she had planned gay weddings before.

One thing to note is that we were specifically looking for a stress-free planning process, and that’s exactly what we got.  What’s more, it was actually fun! Viewing beautiful venues and sitting down to tastings is fun, so enjoy it while you’re there.  Because Aurora is there taking all the notes and doing all the planning, you can simply enjoy the experience. People would often tell us of the workload and anxiety they had in the build up to their weddings; a foreign concept to us ladies of leisure!  Of course you have to pick flowers and music, but again, fun!

Throwing any huge event will have hiccups along the way, but we were genuinely, truly impressed with Aurora’s professionalism and speed in handling issues that arose. Perhaps there were more issues, we don’t know because we didn’t see them (another testament to Aurora’s efficiency).

In our opinion, she went far beyond her job description to ensure we were totally happy with the wedding, even accommodating last minute changes and additions a few days before the wedding (“What if we got masseuses?”).

 Another thing worthy of note, she is really knowledgeable.  Often, we found her advice from previous experience to be invaluable in sparking ideas for our own wedding.  Neither my wife or I like to be the center of attention, so Aurora helped make sure we were not ‘on display’ for the whole wedding.  She had some great suggestions for tailoring the wedding to suit us and make our guests feel welcome.

Honestly, we had a blast, start to finish. The whole process felt magical.

Thuany & Liana

“Aurora is amazing! She’s nice and very efficient. Good taste and fabulous attitude. Highly recommend her”