Lake Como Persian Wedding

Villa Erba was the perfect backdrop for an elegant Lake Como Persian wedding, with it’s gorgeous statues, the ancient frescoes, the  botanical gardens, and the deep blue water of Como Lake – it was indeed the perfect choice for Shiva and Omar unique and exclusive wedding.
It was an authentic Persian wedding with all the symbol of their tradition: a wonderful Sofreh aghd, put together by the mother and father of the bride along the lake side.
Shiva and Omar were seated, facing them was a mirror surrounded by candles and  lots of flowers. There were also unique foods and decorations placed on the Sofreh  adorned with herbs, spices, dried fruits – and each of them has its own symbolism with regard to prosperity that it may bring.
The bridesmaids held above the couple a cloth of unity of fine fabric and ground two cones of sugar
over Shiva and Omar’s heads.
To lead the aperitif a fantastic Tenor Trio performance .
The reception took place in the majestic frescoes rooms with the precious inlaid ceilings; during the reception every person was on the dance floor; and they continued the reception with many Persian traditions, including the Knife Dance.
Such a beautiful and fun wedding, they both were glowing with joy and love for one another.
Dear Shiva and Omar I wish you that your life will be full of sweetness as the honey  you had during your ceremony and let your love forever grow!

Enjoy this wonderful wedding through the eye of our Lake Como artist Cristiano Ostinelli.


“Aurora is amazing! She’s nice and very efficient. Good taste and fabulous attitude. Highly recommend her”